Health and Safety management

Russia: Professional Standard for an OHS Specialist. Is it compulsory to re-train OHS specialists?

The  recent amendments to the Labour Code concerning the application of professional standards by employers have resulted in country-wide discussions on whether the application of professional standards and professional re-training of occupational health and safety (OHS) specialists is mandatory for employers.  The Labour Code provisions have failed to provide a clear and unambiguous answer to this question.

Russia: Revised medical surveillance procedure for employees is being finalised

The draft revised medical surveillance procedure for workers is to be adopted in the near future. The public discussion of the revised draft procedure has just been completed and the draft procedure is undergoing the procedure of regulatory impact evaluation. The probability that the current draft of the procedure is around 65%.

What would change if the revised procedure is adopted?

Ukraine, Issue 3 March 2017

Revised requirements for the issue of special water use permits

The adopted law amends the provisions regulating the issue of special water use permits. In particular, it revises the provisions setting out grounds for the termination of the right to use a water body, provisions on granting the right to an organization to perform special use of a water body, etc.

Russia: Revised procedure for the registration of major hazard installations

As of 10 March 2017, all facilities operating major hazard installations (MHIs) are required to identify such MHIs and register them in the state MHI Registry in accordance with the revised procedure. Furthermore, as of 1 January 2018, such facilities must use the list of standard MHI names for the identification of MHIs and their hazard classes.

Russia: how to maintain a first aid kit in an organization

In Russia, all organisations and facilities are required to have a first aid kit (Article 223 of the Labour code). What any first-aid kit is must contain, is regulated by Order No. 169n of 5 March 2011.

The requirements set out by this Order apply to the majority of employers. However, if a facility performs activities posing additional or specific professional risks, such facilities are required to supplement their first-aid kits with additional preparations that may be required in order to neutralize a specific harmful or hazardous agent.

Russia: Adopted regulation on state fire safety inspections

As of 27 January 2017 organisations are to undergo fire safety inspections in accordance with the revised procedure. The procedure was adopted by Order No. 644 of 30 November 2016 and applies to all types of organisations. 

The procedure sets out requirements for fire safety inspections. It sets out duties and rights of state inspectors, the circumstances where a non-scheduled inspection is required, the requirements for the inspection reports, etc.