Health and Safety management

Russia: Contraindications to work on marine and inland vessels

The adopted Decree lists medical conditions that would disqualify a person from working marine, inland and mixed (river-sea) vessels. The list includes over 100 medical conditions, such as eyesight lower than 0,5 in either eye, stuttering, heart implants or transplants, glaucoma, certain lung diseases, etc.

Russia: Adopted procedure for pre-route inspections of transport vehicles

As of 24 December 2017, organisations performing road transportation by vehicles or by overground electrical transport vehicles are required to organize pre-route inspections of vehicles they operate. The purpose of pre-route inspections is to exclude the possibility of a faulty vehicle being allowed on the road.

Uzbekistan: Ten ILO Conventions may be implemented

The Ministry of Occupation and Employment Relations is planning to implement ten ILO Conventions and to generally revise the national occupational safety legislation.

Plan of Comprehensive Measures aimed at improving the efficiency of state labour protection bodies provides for the possible implementation of certain ILO Conventions and for the revision of labour safety legislation.

Ukraine: Penalties for breaching workplace risk assessment requirements

State Labour Protection Service has issued a reminder that all organisations are required to perform workplace risk assessment (the Attestation of workplaces), in accordance with the procedure adopted by Decree No. 442 of 1 August 1992 and Methodical Recommendations adopted by Decree No. 41 of 1 September 1992.

Russia: Industry is opposing the proposed rules on medical examination of workers

Draft regulation on medical examination of employees is being discussed. However, most organisations which this regulation would impact, if adopted, do not support the proposal. The Russian Industry and Entrepreneurs Union (RSPP) has shown a negative reaction on the proposed expansion of categories of professions and workplaces with exposure to harmful or hazardous working conditions.

Russia: Proposed additional health and safety risk criteria for organisations

Organisations may be assigned to lower or higher risk category (for the purposes of state inspection frequency, insurance premium calculation, etc.) if additional criteria are to be applied.

Thus, an organization may be assigned a lower H&S risk if, during the past year, there were no occupational injuries at this organization or the organization is not in arrears for salaries or there were no administrative penalties issued to it.

Russia: Professional Standard for an OHS Specialist. How to apply the standard and is it compulsory to re-train OHS specialists?

The  recent amendments to the Labour Code concerning the application of professional standards by employers have resulted in country-wide discussions on whether the application of professional standards and professional re-training of occupational health and safety (OHS) specialists is mandatory for employers.  The Labour Code provisions have failed to provide a clear and unambiguous answer to this question.