Importing a vehicle into Russia: how much does this cost?

Persons importing vehicles into Russia (or into the Customs Union) for personal use and other private purposes not connected with any commercial activity, must pay the following fees and duties:

  • Customs clearance charges;
  • Common customs tariffs and excises;
  • Utilization fee.

Different simplified rules apply to temporary import of foreign vehicles by foreign individuals into Russia

1. Customs clearance charges

Russia abolished all import customs duties for mobile phones and tablets

As from 1 September 2013 Russia has abolished the 5% import customs duty which was imposed on mobile phones, modems and tablets.  This measure has been introduced in connection with Russia recently joining the WTO. WTO membership requires Russia to abolish or decrease its import customs duties for hundreds of products.

How to Track a Parcel Sent to Russia from Abroad

You may have to send parcels to Russia for private or business purposes. In either case your parcels may get lost or simply get stuck at a depot of the Russian postal service (the Russian Post).

Revised List of Equipment the Import of Which into Russia is Exempt from VAT

Exporters of certain types of technical equipment to Russia are exempt from the requirement to pay VAT for importing this equipment to Russia, provided that such equipment is included into the list of equipment that has no Russia-manufactured equivalents. This list was originally adopted by Decree No. 372 of 30 April 2009.

Importing and handling of alcohol containing cosmetic products in Russia

Since almost all perfumery and a significant part of cosmetics contain ethylene alcohol, these products are considered “alcohol-containing non-food products” in Russia. This means that export of perfumery and cosmetics to Russia is subject to a special set of requirements.